AA Inter 3

The description of the drawing: by berkinislam
April 1, 2014, 10:31 am
Filed under: 2013-14

For this iteration I decided to do a digital painting on top of 3D Model that is modeled in Cinema 4D. The composition concentrates on the relationship between the structure and its context. It captures a part of the entire design, speculating different spaces, and levels of the structure. The focus point is the cavity that collects the water during the wet season. In this time, acting as a water hole the space is used for fishing. The form of the cavity is derived from the Drainage Holes found in dams. Their function is to regulate the level of water, directly relating to the dry season livelihood (post-fishermen activities).

The fishing systems are located on the top part of the cavity. The design is a direct reference to the Cambodian fishing tools that collect nets. Each of them has a seat underneath for the fisherman. The ground level acts as a set where the fishermen can perform, as well as a scene where the structure performs with the fishermen.

The activates that are related to online trading would happen on the first level within the cavity. The space is composed of a glass envelope that allows natural light within. In other words, when filled with water the fishermen are able to cultivate fish, yet as the water recedes a new space is revealed from the structure. Above the cavity, there is a high post. This is used for shadow demarcation of the land (since the land is flat, the pole creates a landmark that demarcates territories for the “cisterns”; water). Surrounding the pole, through an experimentation of 3D modeling techniques I looked into to composing the upper part of the design. The idea discuses the relationship between the top and bottom part, as the top is used as an observation point, that impacts on the precious resource stored underground. Surrounding the pole, there is a ramp that leads upwards. Ideally this will end up into a larger platform that is the outpost (observation point). The background speculates on an idea of fabrics that collect and direct the rainwater into the cavity. These might later enclose the structure and create an envelope.

The context is exaggerated and represented as a dessert landscape, a location forgotten by the city, to emphasize the atmosphere. The sand pours into the cavity, and small signs of vegetation can be noticed around the waterhole. There is a single entrance point that leads on to the city that is engulfed in a sand mist.

The next drawings I’d like to do would be in a similar fashion that will explore other aspects of the design, concentrating on details, rather then the entire thing.

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