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The Forgotten Oasis by berkinislam
April 1, 2014, 10:29 am
Filed under: 2013-14
Hi everyone, here is a post of the latest drawing I have been working on. Have a nice Easter!

Hi everyone, here is a post of the latest drawing I have been working on. Have a nice Easter!

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Very Interesting! Comments coming soon.

Comment by tutor

Hi Berkin,

Great push, the image really evolved and helped, as you say, to convey a more dramatic picture of the scenario/site context. But to the important bit: the architecture description of the text helps understand the image further. How could you add more elements of design that describes water and program change on the image itself? The idea of design language and reference could help the project and image be tighter too. At the moment the top (spiral element) seem very unrelated to the ground element graphically and architecturally. Rather than start again it is important to have one architectural reference that you can relate and use it here to develop for example the route to the high post.

Additionally bring forward how it relate to the element you picked and studied about Lebbeus Woods (water, air, fire, earth). Maya is doing that well relating and connecting all aspects of the project to the magic of using one element.

In terms of idea the notion of the internet on the project does not seems resolved, but focus on the elemental qualities of the proposal first in order to extract the core of the design. Also in order to help organize the production from now on write your design brief (what is design task as an answer for your concept/what is your architecture set up to do and how are you doing it?/from site strategy, to space, to elemental appropriation).

If you want to post the other image feel free so we can comment before the school start.

Good luck!

Comment by tutor

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