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Process by nrieffel
April 2, 2014, 7:12 pm
Filed under: 2013-14

As an image this is trying to portray certain elements of the sedimentation process. The ex-fishermen on the new ground working towards the construction. I have had a TS tutorial today which has clarified what kind of sedimentation process I want to work with. The sedimentation acts as a tool to form a particular presence of the new ground. I will shortly post sketches explaining this idea as I feel this will be the way in which i can add more specificity to the activity and design of the project. The image is perhaps slightly detached from the idea I am exploring, however this is the kind of visual drawing (snapshots) that I would like to move the project forward with.


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Thanks for posting Natasha. Comments coming soon.

Comment by tutor

HI Natasha,
How is the ts going? The image above certainly evolved in terms of atmosphere. As you wrote yourself it would be good to know more about how those atmospheric elements could be more connected to the design work in terms of effects (what is the building or its use enabling?).
What are you developing for the TS hand in?

Comment by tutor

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