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Input by denhamers
April 3, 2014, 6:50 am
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Here are two drawings/paintings I have been working on. The first is a visualization of my site “Smokey Mountain” in the current state according to my narrative. In relation to the ground, I was trying to show the fragmentation and layering of waste, as well as the compaction of the surface from decades of waste/e-waste disposal. For atmospheric qualities, smoke bellows from the surface of the land fill and enters the sky, creating a coherence in colour and smoke throughout the painting

In the second drawing is of the procession of input devices leading up to the entrance of the tower. These devices act as a tool where an E-waste scavenger/citizen of the tower can input data into the towers hard drives.

This iteration is currently not done yet and is a work in progress, It still needs be painted and people need to be added in to show the interaction with the citizens. However, the goal for this drawing is to show the overlap between the digital and physical. These input structures will have AR codes incorporated on them, with augmentation giving information about the tower and the ideology the citizen follow. The linear panels on the side and on top of the structure will have these AR codes.

To get to this input, scavengers are forced to climb a ladder and enter a platform where a computer and input socket are located. Using the human body to exit this dystopian surface area. My thoughts are for this input process to be a personal experience, the possibility of having fabric enclosing the human body when on the platform. This fabric would have AR codes on it, therefore, when others who are wearing an augmented viewing device see the structure when in use, it shows a false augmented space.

I apologize for the late submission, I spent the last 3 days experimenting with a couple new things to represent these thoughts, but it wasn’t coming out how I intended. I will continue to work on the second drawing and if possible would like to resubmit it for Friday. I apologize again, Thanks.

Site Visualization

Input areas

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Hi Liam,
Great to see the image development. The landfill is very striking. Maybe it could show more of the quality of the ground and its specificity (depth of field where there are more details about the soil/ground composition at the foreground). Also what is the image telling us about a potential structure at the back? It can keep being ambiguous but it could be more suggestive.

How does the 3d work relate to the project development? Something interesting about it is that it is more graspable in term of scale. It could be great to see how they specifically connect to the context (the ground of this place is certainly atypical and maybe not aligned or flat, the smell also very disturbing). How could they evolve (important: not change, BUT evolve)? How specific could they be for the site and design brief (design brief: what you set up to respond to via your work, the problematic for the design – not only the concept).

Comment by tutor

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