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Prey Lang by pdeosma
April 5, 2014, 10:46 pm
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Prey Lang

This drawing, currently in process, tries to depict an overall atmosphere of this inhabitation in relation to the environment. It is a first step towards working with mixed media, involving hand drawing and photoshop. The progress will be developed further by adding elements of recognition involving the people and their mundane activities. Further along, my plan is to make some inner shots of the atmosphere that might start to submerge inside this structures.
I will be working this inner shots using cinema4d and 3dsmax to achieve a more realistic scenery.

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Hi Patricia,

It is hard to see how this drawing is a development of the proposal at all. It still shows the project from the outside and does not bring new qualities (relationship with context seems stuck) or developed existing ones (ground/inhabitation work method). Additionally differently from many of your colleagues it does not implement any new learned skill and technique into the work.

Suggestion: Produce another drawing as in long section, showing how people live and work and how they connect with multiple levels from ground to tree top).

It is really up to you how far you want to take the proposal this year, but it would be a shame if it ends only as a potential.

Comment by tutor

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