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Sectional Developement by rkelts20
May 7, 2014, 3:34 pm
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Hi guys,


I’m in on the second day of model-making at the moment so will spare you a recap regarding the philosophies of the project at the moment; just a summarized to do list:


Things I know I need to improve;

– This is a cropped image but would be good to get a larger contexts around it (think battlefield 3-4 posters of city scape behind)

-Get even cozier lighting within image to contrast light above

-get the smoke a bit deeper within image without compromising clarity

-Improve the way I represent people

-Especially improve how I represent buildings (Please recommend something here, I am struggling with this)

– Add some annotations (technical information?) Nannette recommended, I generally agree, but do not know if this is the right image for it? (I will try first)

-Add more sliced materiality within the section (I started to do concrete, but thicken that notion)?


Things I would like to develop and have  a hard time figuring out how to do:

– the idea of the project should be expressed in the wetness of the clay and the way marks are left on it, and the fire burns and hardens the marks

A) for one I should do a different angle for an image that describes that quality

B)How do I create a feeling of animation of the membranes without bluring or confusion (some precedent student work?)


I am leaving the image as it is now for Thursday, but perhaps if your comments reach me on Thursday afternoon I will work on it for Friday, otherwise:

I aim to further develop/create:

-an axonometric plan describing the entirety of the project and area (this one first)

-the wet vs dry baked clay marking animation image i talked about… maybe Vue would be good for this 🙂

-and plaster model with wood membranes of site



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