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Perspective Section Test by jocelynarnold
May 8, 2014, 5:57 pm
Filed under: 2013-14

Testing a 3D Section

Hi Nanette and Ricardo,

I apologise for the late upload. Above is the 3D section I have been working on, but I had difficulty deciding a view. I am not sure if a 3D section is the best way to explain my project since there are only a few volumetric elements to cut through. For now, I have cut through the tamagotchi nursery (where the harvesting devices are built) and the ground (to show the communal distribution of rain water to the jars. The drawing is still missing details such as the actual devices/creatures because I have yet to model them (still designing).

As for key drawings, there are the obvious: a plan (to identify programatic elements), a section (to explain the narrative which is mediated along the spine) and a perspective view (to show its relationship with its environment).

In addition to these, I think the project will be best explained through very specific views since it is defined by relationships, processes and key moments. For example, the building of the gate, or the harvesting of rainwater, or the device emerging from the nursery for the first time. I like the idea of putting in habitual objects like umbrellas, bicycles and shop signs to generate a communal atmosphere.

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