AA Inter 3

by natalieeugenia
November 21, 2014, 4:47 pm
Filed under: 2013-14


Built a frame/ box to suspend the elements to imagine the spatiality created between them. It was easier to imagine the different spatial configurations of the elements when they are rotated.


Shadow studies

Seeing what kind of new spatiality can be created through the casting of shadows



Constraints/ parameters of the different pieces and the orchestration of the elements to create different configurations

Explore Geometry

Exploration of geometries for the corners

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Hi, thanks for the post.

It does look interesting with the shadows and system. However it is hard to see how much control you have over the process now, or also how much precision of the pieces moving and rotating. The diagrams indicate some parameters and they now should certainly be fed into the model making techniques working with maybe a few parts only but striving for more control.
Another important point would be the intentionality of the pieces, or in other words their effect. Maybe a photograph/diagram/drawing that explains the system, the input, output and its relevance is what is desperately needed here.
Additionally one cannot see any arduino, test. How have you progressed. Arduino is not a instrument to make this work, but to help you evolve the ideas based on set constraints. Please respond to the challenge and assimilate more of it on how the project is developed.

We look forward to see more on Tuesday.

Comment by tutor

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