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Nicholas – Cybernetic Mandala – light mapping the city to create a film of an individual’s wonderland by nicholaszembashi
November 21, 2014, 5:30 pm
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Nicholas I

a more refined concept elevation and plan with the three layers – I am focusing on the mechanism itself and the layers of information for now but I would possibly like to look into having the final device hung or suspended.

Also the rotating LED strips rotate anti-clockwise, for now, only because when I was composing the information as strips and not circles I was reading it from left to right, but anyhow what I mean to say is that it can rotate clockwise (if more conventional) and just wanted to point out that the rotation direction doesn’t have a particular reason yet, so that maybe something I could look into in the next iterations.

Nicholas II

a more detailed analysis of the three layers and how they look separately and overplayed. Each will have its now full rotation servo mechanism with an index finger rotating carrying an LED strip of 8 LEDs to blink according to the sensors attached to each and highlight information below them on the fragments

Nicholas III

the arduino testing for now was an attempt to include the lights blinking with a sound and pulse sensor while moving on the full rotation servos

Nicholas IV

this is a summary page of some of the more prominent references I wish to carry forward as I develop the mechanism, and some images of my previous tests

As a final conclusion, I’d like to push the idea of invisible versus visible layers of information being mapped, their relation to the pre-determined wonderland of every individual and his experience re-mapped in the end on a traditional map of the city areas to show how the wonderland (seen in the light/mandala object) looks in the real world.

The next step would be to continue the experiments, refined the design and solve some issues, test constructing the layers and possibly if I advance it enough make a test film experience to see how it looks.

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HI Nico,
Thanks for the post and the work. It is exciting to see some of the pieces evolving. A question that arises is how could you start to think about a project ‘umbrella’ that could make the whole experience of the project easier to explain and absorb, maybe even for you to explain. Due to the many layers of the project it would be good to explore further the idea of the heartbeat for example to create an experience of the project. The manifestation of layers is a powerful idea that can be simple too (in a good sense). So maybe it would be good that apart from the developments you suggested above we can also discuss how you want to have the project experienced perhaps. Could it lead to some tests with real users or situations? Could you open up the process to some unpredictable user input into the idea?

We look forward to see the progress and discuss about it more on Tuesday.

Comment by tutor

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