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progress of work. by susiekinston
November 21, 2014, 4:58 pm
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I have attached the writing/rough sketches from my notebook i made from researching/understanding different processes of the things more relevant to the development of my work .

research on machines

sketchbook 1sketchbook

as for physical experimentation, I have not had the time till today to go source the material iv needed and will/am continuing to progress with what was discussed during the tutorial over the weekend of manually playing with the material. I can upload the continuation of the work before the tutorial on tuesday if so wanted?

I also have ordered a pulse sensor and I’m going to have a look at this video tutorial which could be interesting in terms of thinking about how to physically do the idea of a heart beat as a physical output in relation to the diagrams I showed you in the last tutorial.


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Thanks for the post.
Although we appreciate the research it is certainly lacking work here. The sketches can be more precise and less vague in relation to how things work, not only what they are (or basically work). It is worrying that there is not much in here by this point. We would like to see more tests, failures. We would suggest that your research ‘booklet’ to be less compilation like and more about your own work. In this way you can document from prototyping, photos, tests, trials/errors.
Again the concept seems interest, but the pace and method of work needs to improve fast.
Please do not wait for sensors to start work, you can prototype and construct mock up models to work the concept and set up.

We look forward to see the progress on Tuesday!

Comment by tutor

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