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November 21, 2014, 4:58 pm
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Hi Ricardo. To update you on what me and Nanette discussed I am making different creatures with different attitudes (dislike the people, want to be friends with them etc.) towards the people outside of the house. These creatures come out when people draw nearer to the entrance of the house. I decided it would be better to explore more options besides inflatables to see what qualities I can explore with other materials and methods of creating these creatures. I was looking at the codex seraphinianus as a reference and would like to create my own codex of strange creatures like it.

I casted a broccoli in latex and then puppeted it with a servo that pulls a string. I plan on making it slowly come out as people draw closer. I couldn’t get the proximity sensor working so I have it coming in and out on a delay here.

The broccoli cast has an interesting quality when you shine a light through it:

This creature coming out of this window is a friendly creature that comes out at night to light a path towards the house. I am going to get a light that fades on as the creature comes out and fades off when it withdraws back into the house. This weekend I am planning on casting more specific forms using this broccoli membrane (by arranging the florets into shapes and coating them in latex).

On another note I showed Nanette this video last time

I bought the video tutorial and I learnt a few of their techniques. I then made this inflatable tentacle

It works using a string that is tied on the end of the tentacle and then pulled inside out. I am thinking of rigging this on a similar puppeteering system as the broccoli with a hair dryer blowing. A friend (who is more experienced with these kinds of things) is helping me hack the hair dryer so I can switch it on/off with arduino.

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That is very interesting. It is great to see some tests, and also to see the progress of the idea based on the prototype.
The idea of creating your own bestiary of friendly/unfriendly creatures is intriguing. it would be good if you can specify more about the behaviour of the creatures on quick sketches and studies. In this way you may carry on focusing on the testing, but furthering the concept and character of the creatures.
Another point to further the tests is to think about the hole and how it relates to the wall. In practical terms it would be great to see you evolve the detail/resolution of the project, from the latex and cardboard to more parts that would help incorporate the other parts of the project (would the puppet like system be connected to an window system?). Just some food for thought that would help you advance both parts of your project. The hacking idea sounds interesting!
Look forward to see more on it on Tuesday!

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