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Avery’s Work Update by jehweeetavery
December 2, 2014, 2:26 pm
Filed under: 2013-14

hi ricardo and nanette,

hope you are recovering from your illness. I refined and redesigned my entire installation to be videod, the diagrams are enclosed below. I also made plans for the tracks on the acrylic sheets that are scored with a laser cutter to guide the ball bearings that will be attached to the underside of the pieces, so that the interaction of the mobile pieces with each other and the static pieces will be very precise and choreographed.

sequence 1 sequence 3  pixelated 2 sequence 2 plan 2nd level mock up of final isoexploded iso

also, i have refined my concept for the images that are overlaid onto the  pieces. I looked at Pixellisation and how convergence of pieces will reveal a coherent picture of the ‘event’ that occurs within the pieces, without the convergence the symbolisation of event is abstract and code like, very much like satellite images taken on google maps that are censored because they are restricted information to the public. at certain times and moments during the installation performance, pieces converge and information ‘leaks’ or reveals itself to the viewers. I upped the contrast for the images and picked the part of the image that i felt was most telling of what the image was, the ‘gist’ of the image, and then i pixellated it and split this pixellation into two parts, such that they look vaguely like what they are, but also like abstract codes.

pixelated 2 pixelated 3 pixelated 1

I am still unable to get my arduino 4 axis servo control to work, i have already asked apo if i can meet him individually tomorrow to check what is wrong. i suspect it has to do with the coding that I used for Python. I will further update you on my progress on that side after meeting him.Hope to hear from you soon, Thank you!

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