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Exhausted Territories and Mental Promised Lands by assafkimmel
December 2, 2014, 7:59 pm
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The premise for the prototype is that promised lands are conceived as an alternative to the limits of physical land. They are an “other space”, formed when natural resources are scarce. This is manifested in an abstract landscape which mutates to different forms of wild nature when stocks of companies that deal with natural resources go up. When prices are high, the landscape is more detailed and extreme, as a combination of typologies such as mountain, valley and swamp. When prices go down, the terrain is flat and undefined.

The variations of promised lands formed are therefore linked not to an individual, but to a community struggling to survive.

The desire for landscape is linked here to its historical origin in modern history, as a notion which stemmed from fast urban development. Here this desire for ‘the countryside’ and ‘the wild’ is linked to a desire for an abundance of resources. If landscape was conceived as a territory existing in the minds of those living in the city, promised land exists in the minds of those living on exhausted lands, emptied from their resources.


On a more practical note, I’m experiencing technical issues. I’m trying to get my Arduino to receive data from the New York Stock Exchange, which have several rss feeds available online. However, for this to work, a certain ability to analyze the rss feed is required, more than just counting the times a certain word is mentioned in it. After first trying with processing, I’m currently looking at an option of achieving this with a plug-in called Mosquito for Grasshopper, which seems to produce a graph from the data. Here is a screen shot from the Mosquito page online, which I’ll try to use:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 19.48.57

Also, the physical model still requires work to get all the wheels rotating with the servos and to create a new triangulated surface.

p.s. I’m fine with having a tutorial on Thursday (just have an HTS tutorial at 11:30).

Thank you,


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Hi Assaf, I am currently trying to work with the gh plug in Mosquito and the google stock plug however cannot seem to get the data from the NASDAQ site to work through the plug. The commodities I am using are Gold Silver and Copper which appear online on NASDAQ as COMEX but I cannot seem to manipulate the inputs for the plug to understand their codes? Wondering if you had any luck experimenting with data from Nasdaq? Thanks

Comment by Alice Thompson

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