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December 2, 2014, 2:00 pm
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I kept my concept but have made it more grounded as needed/ discussed – so I felt the idea of desertification fitted in with my interest I have been discussing so far/my train of thought. I talk about in my initial as Ricardo described “more academic” text of technological memory, the idea of the threshold, becoming lost and the loss of orientation. I thought this linked in interestingly with the idea of desertification , as well as with my interest of having shown heat as a way of “marking”, “tracing” the ground “till its collapse”. Desertification poses the interesting question of the fine balance of heat needed for life to thrive or the potential collapse as well as as interesting visual exploration. It is also something that people have strong metaphorical associations with in terms of loss of hope/memory, a journey, and in general a difficult space.

So I looked into what exactly is desertification, what makes it and used it to create a surface/volume on which the pathway could be marked on rather than having just a general too conceptual circular form on which a path is defined (excuse the names of the files just look at what is in them !! )

a2 desertification doagram copy

new iteration ground form copy

new iteration with form.dwg copy

After the discussion with Apo on sunday morning before I had to take off to my meeting, we discussed the use of a full rotating servo which could then help me eliminate/simplify and change the structure/system I had. I have ordered it and it should be arriving tomorrow so I can start to play with that with the arduino and see how the forms come out exactly with the movement – only then can I make how the structure moves in the y direction as you can see on the drawing more defined.As for the wanting to use a heart rate as a way of connecting the human element to this machine that is representative of the human impact on the ground – he told me about a girl in diploma who he is going to email who has some code that potentialy  could help but but as for now I’m focusing on making this main structure move/work. I think the circular movement of the ground alongside the geometrically straight movements of the “arm” could be really interesting and less predictable as an outcome as opposed to what I had before.

So I am just continuing to push along this vein now through 3D


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o and as for thursday I believe I will be free until ts in the afternoon at 3.30

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