AA Inter 3

progress by nikademl
December 2, 2014, 2:19 pm
Filed under: 2013-14

During the tutorial with Apo on sunday, he suggested I use 180 servos instead of the gears to turn the islands around and use them also to turn on/off any other devices I will be using to record the input. We also discussed the possibility to put light sensors on the islands to they would stop when they overlap. Overall Apo suggested that the island should be much larger to increase the possibility of their meeting and overlapping.

I did research on storytelling and digital storytelling and found very interesting the clash between narrative and ‘game’ where people are allowed interaction. I looked into ‘interactive fiction’ where a story is written and people play it by writing into it. I would like my model to be the storyteller as people come close. It would play pre-recorded stories of the stopped configuration, ending the story unfinished for people to complete by either recording (would prefer but I just find it more difficult to imagine people would actually speak to my model). The other option would be to incorporate interactive fiction style game where the person receives text about the place and can then continue to write the story after.

This way the output would be a series of unfinished and finished stories about the interactions of the islands. I have shifted completely from actually finding the promised land.. is that ok?


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