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Thong’s Progress by chaiyeethong
December 2, 2014, 4:48 pm
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Hi Ricardo and Nanette,

I have continued to refine the interaction between the person on the street and the creatures. I have created a sequence of tasks that a person must complete to gain the trust of the creatures of the wall and defined the wall’s emotional response to disinterest from the public. I am going to model the scenario of 3 creatures attempting to lure people in to care for the wall and how they control the interaction on the street the house sits on.


The hardware of the model


Coding wise I think I should be ok, I mapped out the sequence of events, the inputs and outputs and drew a diagram of them. I showed it to Apo and he says it is doable. He helped me figure out the millis() function to keep track of the duration of interaction. I think the coding will involve a series of if statements that reference both the time and the sensors in order to produce a specific action.

I did a quick test of how I will use millis() with the pressure sensor and servo.


I am making a system of 4 wires with servos to animate the wall more. I am considering making different kinds of movements for different emotions.

Things I am working on now:

-I am working out the kinks of the wire mechanism and defining the membrane better to it is able to conceal the 3 creatures whilst not compromising the qualities I need from them.

-I am going to see if sewing the wires into the membrane along with some sponge will make the breathing wall more organic and strange.

-I won’t be looking at the temperature sensor just yet. I will work out events in relation to the pressure sensor and time first.

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