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Henry Ngo’s Progress by henryngo79
December 3, 2014, 10:05 am
Filed under: 2013-14

I tried to refine and make connections of my prototype with the idea of land.

I tried talk with apo and told him about hooking into the weather website and have an interaction (human) as an external factor to the servo, He also suggested me to  me just focus on the weather also to avoid too much complicated codlings. For the constantly rotating gears, he suggested me using a Stepper Motor to use it as my TIME , so it will keep turning constantly and slowly as what i wanted.


underground city
Natural disasters, although destructive, also represents opportunities for regeneration of city. A gigantic machine sits above the ground harnessing energy from the existing weather, tapping resources from the past and generate a new promise land on the existing layer. The old city becomes preserved underneath while a new land emerges. Eventually, the city regenerates itself vertically. Buried below layers and layers, is the past in the form mausoleum cities. As new cities emerges, the past becomes a reminder of previous mistakes and a record of the history. Through time, the machine will regenerate a new land for the past and create a new simulation of the terrain.

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