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WORK PROGRESS – YONATHAN by yonathanmoore
December 3, 2014, 2:28 am
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Hey Ricardo and Nanette,

“The primordial scene of the nomos opens with a drawing of a line in the soil. This very act initiates a specific concept of law, which derives order from the notion of space” from Concepts of Order In No Man’s Land by Cornelia Vismann


I have continued to develop the concept of interaction with my rover. taking the idea of the relation between myth\folklore and land by the example of the aboriginal’s navigation capabilities through songs and looking at cases of myth being inscribed on land and thus forming a kind of claiming of ownership over it through that myth like that which happens in Peru with the Nazca Lines.

The process begins when one sends the rover into the land. He gives the rover his crap metal and passes the myth in the form of a song\whistle\rhythm. The rover sets out into the land translating the rhythm into it’s path, forming a pattern, The pattern being the initial form of the myth inscribed on the land. As the rover moves it will encounter elements of that land. Each element the rover shall encounter will build on to the path pattern and alter it – thus the land itself will be built into the myth by the interference of its elements. With each encounter of the rover, the path will keep modifying.

I have defined 3 main variables of movement in the rover’s mechanism (A: time of moving forward – engines +|+. B: Time of turning – engines +|- or -|+. C: and time of moving forward again – engines +|+) into which the rover will translate the rhythm. When it will encounter an obstacle the variables will develop (example : A+4 B-2 C+6). In the tutorial with Apo he basically told me it’s possible and to go with it.


I got the small rover running and avoiding obstacles (I tried to add a video but it tells me I need a premium account) and I have begun to build the main rover model – the base frame and the furnace are done. I will continue building the model and developing the code.

Regarding Thursday it’s fine with me.

Thank you,



Here is the link to the tank tracks http://proto-pic.co.uk/tank-treads/


IMG_4146 IMG_4136IMG_4139

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