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basic system/structure by susiekinston
December 5, 2014, 5:55 pm
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hi nannette –

iv put together the basic structure I told you about yesterday in the tutorial – before I proceed onto the arm/liquid dropping bits I’m now playing with putting together the codes for the full rotating servo to do the movement i am manually doing for both the circular bit and the little wheeled part that will hold the arm

This is just in mdf at the moment as it is cheap but in the end I intend on the structure being a clear acrylic, so that it “is there but it is not there” so the focus becomes on the land degradation/acetone/concept etc.

It won’t seem to let me upload the quick video I made to show the movements so iv tried to create a url so that you can see as screen shots don’t really show anything (blue coloured foam masses/offcuts were used in this purely as I have that lying about my flat and so illustrates the job for now for you to see.) The servo will be attached to the little cog underneath and none of the shops around my area after I had a tutorial seemed to sell rubber bands so I need to get that tomorrow to attach to the little wheels to pull the arm back and forth.


photo 1

but now I’m focusing on the code.

Im planning on getting the arm 3d printed and will test dimensions of the intended shape for flow of the liquid to come out as drops once iv digitally sorted the movement with the arduino.


hope you are feeling better


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Hi Susie, thanks for the post.
How tall is the foam bit? I imagined it much taller, relating to your previous deep down drawings…?
You say you want to use acrylic for the final model, that’s fine, just to say, that these very different materials have very different properties and some things may not work the same way as with one material, for instance acrylic is heavier and smoother than mdf, it may not be as stable or as glue-able as mdf… don’t know if you have any fragile or sensitive elements but we had the experience that testing it in one material and building it in the actual material required quite some changes, mainly fixing details. Anyways, but maybe also if you are pre-modeling it just to see the set up and test things and then you build the final, use this first test model as working model, meaning the next one shouldn’t just be the same but with a different material, it could already be a next iteration… (like we previously did with the drawing, the next gets another layer / level of detail).
Don’t forget to think about where all the cables, they can be part of the design.
The combination of mdf / acrylic and 3d print is good, hope it works out! Think about how they can best be put together (again, different materials).
Good luck, looking forward to seeing the progress on Tuesday.

Comment by tutor

I was thinking the foam would be something more like 1m tall at least?! so that its rising from the ground up towards a human scale and then the person would lean down in towards it to make the human contact to be registered through the sensor? I thought it might be nice to have it at more of our eye level height but then I worry about things becoming a bit difficult and complicated whereas having it at a slightly lower height still shows that scale and the potential growth of these layers that are being marked away at. It definitely needs the height though of course because in relation to the drawing but I’m also wanting there to be layers of the form built up one on top of another to make that height – as the different memories/layers of each persons imprint onto the ground
I’m making the laser cutting files with the acrylic to see how it works together now with that material- I have managed to create codes to make the basic movements but need to buy one more full rotation servo that I’m getting for next day delivery as it seems to work really well.

as for tuesday – I need to be able to organise myself properly for obviously this work but also because of submissions for Friday – will we be having a whole day group session on tuesday or will they be individual tutorials?

kind regards

Comment by susiekinston

Cool, that all sounds like a good plan, let’s see it together tomorrow! Will post a tutorial list now. Thanks.

Comment by tutor

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