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island update by chlenhart
December 10, 2014, 3:07 am
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Hi Nannette, Hi Ricardo,

I set up some rules, not for the arrangement of the different countries itself (just tried to let it seem natural), but for the geography. The hight is defined by how much time I spent in the country and most important how I was traveling there. The more intense the journey to or that country was (or simply slower) the higher the topography. Rucksack and tent are the highest, just flying there the lowest.

Originally I wanted to get more topography, mountain-like almost, but it is a lot of manual work to scale the single chaotic geographical lines in the right position. Instead I just extruded the countries straight and removed intersecting parts. Not entirely satisfied.

There will be an outline of MDF around the island, glued on frosted perspex. Need to find out about the transparency there, will buy nail polish remover tomorrow and do some experiments in case frosted perspex is to dark. The Topography is layered (5mm) and clear. Also need to find out how to get the surrounding area on the top plate (sea) frosted.

I imagine a frosted perspex layer with the MDF underneath, just like in my prototype model. The MDF is only the outline. The rest of the geography is then fully transparent and I hope that will give some nice effect. Do you think this is too invisible? It is also layered. Theoretically this has to cause some light refractions. Theoretically.

Please tell me your opinion. I think as an outline of an island it works fine, the topography however is quite static. On the other hand it all has to be transparent, so perhaps that is not so bad.

Thank you,



island intersection   island framed   Outline framed   Iso-geography

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Thanks for the post. Yes it may be enough to make the effect, what you have just described, a crucial factor may be the scale and overall light. Let’s see the model tomorrow in order to better discuss, but again the whole set up tunning may help increase of decrease effects, so at this point is better to move on.

Comment by tutor

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