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Raphael Update-10.12. by raphaelfogel
December 10, 2014, 4:32 pm
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so here’s where I’m at:

In terms of the model:

Im putting together the components that I’ve previously prepared. More specifically, I’ve assembled and layer out the infrastructure for the tower and the pools. The arms are only partially built so far.

For now I’m prioritizing these two components as for them the clay modelling and sealing is more crucial than that of the arms. and I am trying to get there as quickly as possible.

I’m a bit concerned with my timeline: I will need to wait for the clay to dry and shrink prior to sealing it… and this could take two days. The way I see it I will have the model complete a day prior to the crit (maybe 2) and I’m worried this will not give me enough time to settle the code. Let alone the video.

The ‘side scenes’ branching off my model are prepared yet not assembled.

In terms of Arduino:

I have not worked on code…. For now I’m depending on the model for that and am doing all I can to get it ready as quickly as possible. Im set on the components and circuitry though and finally managed to find two pumps that can work simultaneously without heating up my H-Bridge. I’ve decided to simplify the code by getting rid of a previous condition. The towers inner tube was meant to imitate the ground water levels by filling and emptying accordingly. Now it will still have a water flow, but ground water levels will be visualised via an imbedded LED strip (will shine inwards).  

Yeah… a rather technical update, but thats were I’m at.


DSC_7120 DSC_7119DSC_7123

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