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Proteus – Augmented Reality Prototype by nathanssu
December 19, 2014, 4:30 pm
Filed under: 2013-14

Hi Nannette and Ricardo,

Thank you so much for such an exciting first term! Please find my short video & description linked below. Can’t wait for Sri Lanka!

*To watch in HD please watch click HD and follow link to native Vimeo site.

Proteus, named after the ancient Greek sea god of transfiguration is an exploration of Augmented Reality (AR) applications in architecture. As a prototype, the model aims to illustrate some of the core ideas of digital augmentation – the idea of reality overlay rather than replacement, and the use of physical machine-readable markers to enable real time perspective mapping and rendering. The prototype envisions three levels of experience – a universal architecture, which is coherent and has the same experiential qualities for all observers, a datascape, embodying the digitally coded infrastructure that operates the program, and a spatial typology termed the ‘aether’ – a fluid environment that is responsive to user preferences, proposing that augmented space may be mediated at an individual level – much like current day web browsing.

The project forms part of a larger field of investigation into the impact of AR technologies on issues of land ownership. As our experienced environment is digitised, how will it be legislated and governed, who will design and construct these worlds, and will inhabitation patterns in future cities become far more nomadic, as users simply seek to find appropriate spaces to load their digital environments around them.

The AR shown in the film is real-time; video footage of the physical prototype was streamed through Processing, with marker detection and calibration handled by the NyArtoolkit library. An Arduino micro-controller operates servos to determine which AR markers are displayed, with the digital geometry being generated either directly in processing, or in Rhino/Grasshopper.

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