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Sri Lanka + Book of Lands by tutor
December 29, 2014, 10:34 am
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Hi All,

Many thanks for posting your videos!

And merry belated Christmas! We hope you all have had a good holiday time so far. We spent (and still are) the days in Germany, today it finally snowed!

In the next couple of days we are hoping to finalise our trip to Sri Lanka in terms of schedule, accomodation and inland transport. We have been in contact with local people and based on their feedback we will decide on the places to visit and which towns to stay. We will update you and give you the details in the next few days.

Regarding the ‘Book of Lands’

As explained before the ‘Book of Lands’ shall contain your first term work organised in a certain format and based on your personal thematic / argument. Also included should be some Sri Lanka reserach and findings / observations from the trip, this could be formatted as an appendix / extension of the book or incorporated within.

A few tips:

-Organise your work based on your response to the brief (did you choose Promised, Cursed or Wonderland / why and what does it mean to you)

-Basics: Make a cover, title your research so far, print in an interesting and legible format (no smaller than A3 (square A3 – 300×300 is still ok too), have ‘chapter sheets’ in between to pause or sub-title your work,

-Have different papers in an organised fashion to show and illlustrate ideas in diverse ways

-Avoid over-reducing the work, this is an editing exercise in the sense that you will be prioritising or categorising moments of your 1st term, but most of your material produced should be present (Note: some drawings/diagrams may need further work)

-Add a 800 words introduction text about Land Ownership and Mythical Lands so far in the context of your research (you can include reflections about the material given to read during the break). No need to be theoretical here, we only want to know what you have studied, why and what you have learned from it (the good, the bad and the ugly ;-).

Hand in of the ‘Book of Lands’ will be on Tuesday 20th of January.

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