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Nathan – WIP by nathanssu
April 21, 2015, 12:13 pm
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Hi Nannette and Ricardo,

Here is a work in progress of the perspective section. The image shows a preliminary design for the Watchtower and the inverted city above. I will continue to work on the language and clarity of the Augmented Reality city!

At the moment as I have really been focused on TS work I haven’t rendered out the other perspective yet – but I will post a draft when it is ready. So sorry!



Watchtower_Perspective Section

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Thanks for the post Nathan!

It is good to see the tower in place and the point cloud becoming more defined.

As we had a tutorial this week for TS we will just add a few additional comments on the drawing:

1- More contrast would help distinguished the city from below from the city from above. Maybe colour of the cloud and density can be more independent of the simulation point cloud and take a more dense and visual presence.
2- As the drawings seem to tackle many areas of the city would be great if the drawing could indicate the difference between the areas on risk from the areas that are not under threat (would it be the right word or development?). So here you may even be starting to tell your own story base on the system you created. How would parts be maintained and how would the city evolve? Would it be a shorter version of the ‘Last and First Men’ by Olaf Stapledon? Maybe the image can help you start a process of ownership of the system you envisioned.
3- You show a cut on the image, how is that helping and what is it informing? What is it cutting that it is important for us to see it? Interior, invisible?

Good luck with TS and image and see you on Tuesday!!

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