AA Inter 3

Scavengers in Promised Lands by tutor
September 28, 2015, 9:22 am
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Image: Apocalypse Now film by Francis Ford Coppola

Scavengers in Promised Lands

Architecture is not just about buildings. If architecture is about the environment we build, what is architecture when that same environment changes rapidly? For generations we have understood the world we live in through stories, myths and tales. From sacred to profane ones, none has been more powerful than the story about ends. From biblical revelation to mythological accounts of burning skies and punishing floods, nothing has been more impactful than the myth of the apocalypse. The word ‘apocalypse’ derived from ancient Greek and means uncovering, disclosure of knowledge. The end, announced by many apocalyptic tales, brings forth destruction of cities and livestock but also of land being the provider of sustenance to many communities.

We will investigate the myth of ends, from a mythical and environmental point of view. How is land understood and used when confronted with endings? Are beginnings generated from those same destructive processes? Can we learn from ancient and contemporary myths to deal with secular problems and climatic consequences?

To download the extended brief please click AA Inter 3_extented brief_15-16_small

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