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Caterina Miralles, 200 words “Atlantis” by caterinamiralles
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
Filed under: 2015-16

Of all legendary lands, Atlantis is the one that, over the centuries, has most exercised the imagination of philosophers, scientists, and seekers of mysteries. 

what is common in all the stories told about Atlantis is that the continent sank. into the ocean, making it more difficult to be found so far. This fact reinforced the legend leading to geologists who would dedicate their life to find it on a map, philosophers who would speculate about how the civilisation was, writers and novelists who would place their stories in this land, using the continent of atlantis as a stage. 
In my drawing what I want to reflect is the idea that even dough the actual contingent sank, the land still remains alive. All the actions that have been done “in the post Atlantis time”, keeps the land existing in a different way of how it was before. It is alive in a non physical space, as an imaginary perception. 
The drawing reflects the Atlantis I see. To me  apart of being my interpretation of what I have seen and read in books, I see Atlantis as the nest that gave birth to other civilisations. Thanks to the survivors and how they brought their idea of land to other contents lead to egyptians, mayas, incas and other civilisation to look at, to take as a reference the Atlantans ways of doing curtain things. 
A land as a heritage. 

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