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Conflict over the promised land- Ignatio Bhaskara Putra by ignatioputra
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
Filed under: Ignatio


For me apocalypse is a transition period in the present that brings about revelation. My choice of myth is deliverance in which it has two important focus which are struggle and hope.  Land is a quantity that is valued based on myth and the perceptions of the viewer. In many historical political situation the desire to own such land could lead to a conflict or even war between nations. Each nation has their own agenda and perceptions on the value of that land. My drawing is derived from the South China Sea conflict and tries to portray this apocalypse within the conflict between China, Japan and Vietnam. Vietnam, as a socialist and view the land for the opportunity of their nation growth. They uses the available resources such as remnants of the war to build their civilization while in their mind their hope is the growth of their own nation to be equal to developed nation as portrayed by the surreal ground and the high perspective horizon. Japan is in the state of defence against China and thus build their military defences. Although they were attacked they remain strong as their sense of pride and nationalism towards their land encouraged them to protect their beloved land as portrayed by the flower grounds coming from the land and the perspective horizon on the centre of the page. As for China I portray them as a fierce nation readying to take over the land with their military forces and thus drawn with a very low perspective horizon to create the effect. The ocean transformed into their perception of the land in which they believe to have abundant resources that they needed.

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