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Generational land by gambeluc
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
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Generational Land is a delimited entity. It ensures its fertility through the inversion of hegemony and dependence. Between myth and reality, the inversion happens through the invasion and the submission of the original civilization by a new hegemony and the establishment of a new relationship of sacredness within the land. In the myth of Eldorado, the Spanish discoverer sees in the gold, which is a mere construction material, a new reading. Due to the difference of interpretation, the myth is translated through the invasion, pillage and destruction of Tenochtitlan. The apocalypse invests the human kind to assure the fertility of the land. The end then has the physical delimitation of the land.

Technology has an important role in assuring the invader to perpetuate its apocalypse. Progress is the effort for transcendence, for restoring the divine perfection once denied. Doing so, the new hegemony can murder the previous gods and settle its own. The technological artefact, therefore, becomes an object of sacredness itself.

Generational land speculates on this notion of apocalypse, settling in an ambiguous line between myth and reality. Technological artefacts and parts of lost gods are deconsecrated and converted within a new interpretation of land. The scavengers are either the survivors from the flood or the civilization which is establishing a new relationship of dependence within the land. The sea is either the destroyer itself or bearer of destruction assuring the connection between lands and civilizations. The apocalypse is then the result of a technological corruption in the seeking for transcendence or the violent inversion of hegemony.

Generational land exploits this notion of land, fertility and end.

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