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Island of Hope by mikolajkarczewski
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
Filed under: Mikolaj

  Island of Hope

The story of depicted apocalypse evolved around the concept of smoke from my initial research drawings and the movie ‘Children of Men’, basing on the structure of deliverance myth. The smoke extracted from ‘The Last Known City’ in my interpretation represents the barrier impossible to tresspass, also making its surrounding completely uninhabitable. This symbolics is used in relation to happening apocalypse – the great cloud of smog and dust from pollution invades all lands. As a punishment for not appreciating the earth, humans are forced to move to the only safe and inhabitable areas, where the smoke cannot reach – seas and oceans. The motif of water as a hope and shelter from the danger is extrancted from previously mentioned ‘Children of Men’. Here the main hero is delivering the newborn child in infertile world – the last seed of humanity, to humanitarian action ship stationing on the sea, far away from war-confused world. Works are presenting my continuation of the movie, extended from its ending and shortly telling the story after delivering the child on the ship. People are living there on a nowadays Noah’s Ark, being the mobile island, consisting of many ships stacked next to each other. The creation is functioning as a self-sufficient mechanism, with role-divisions for inhabitants and general organization, such as placement of bigger ships on the borders, allowing inhabitants to survive.

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