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Text about The Imaginary City of Pangu Land – Nelly by jouyuhuang
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
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Fertility myth has a circular pattern of people sacrificing in order to perceive a new future which they hope would be better. However this could be a reversing / negative cycle as what is realised after the sacrifice will not always be positive and can sometimes lead to destruction.
The apocalypse within the myth locates on the sacrifice. It is the ending of the chaos and the starting of the new cycle. Taking idea from a negative cycle, I looked into the Chinese mythology of Pangu Creating the world.

According to the different versions of Pangu mythology recorded throughout the Chinese history, the form of the land has constantly been changing. The drawing is about the city set in the landscape of the imaginary pangu land during 320 AD. During that period, the four high edges of the land has started to incline, and the peaks of five mountains have started to extrude from the bottom of the city. How did the city initially started in this land? How will the city adapt to the new typography? How will the infrastructure of the city and the habitation of the citizens differ from other  existing cities due to the environmental conditions (such as partially having extreme sunlight and partially experiencing complete darkness)? What is the culture in the city? Does the people there have a specific religion?

Starting from these question, the city of Pangu land is then created.

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