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The Earthly Delights by mariabessarabova
October 24, 2015, 5:27 pm
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Referencing the painting of Bosch ” The Earthly Delights” the myth of deliverance is shown in the false rescue of the humanity. The “earthly paradise” in the central painting represents the chaotic inability of the mankind to appreciate the promised. Scenarios on the right and the left sides in their turn show us the heaven and the hell.

In the final drawing I would like to focus on the archetype of the Road – as the place of transmission between the existent world and the imaginary expectation of the world. These roads in many cultures are called ” wisdom paths” ( Buddha’s monument in Hong Kong) or ” paths of the inevitable but necessary suffering ” ( Dante ). Bosch himself does not reveal the joining of the triptychs, assuming that the painting are fully separated, and the worlds don’t exist in the same place. Yet the “paradise” and the ” paradise on earth” have the visible connection of the landscape, which lets us make an assumption that there is the transition road in between.

While analyzing the research I came to the conclusion that the Holy is in it’s simplicity. The road constantly transforms from the highly intelligent infrastructures to mostly the nature. The blending of the paradise delights and the earthly pleasures is in the ambiguity of the objects. The double sided performance of the mountains and rivers is dedicated to the delusional possibilities or impossibilities of the heavens.

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