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Metamorphosis by Alex
October 26, 2015, 11:36 am
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In the fertility myth, there is a transfer of matter and energy. However, during the cycle of death and revival, the sacrificed objects are not always regenerated the same as previous. They will reappear in a shifted form in nature and usage. In the alchemy world, it is a process of re-composition following the law of equivalent exchange.

To launch the evolution, a legendary alchemical substance, philosopher’s stone is required, which can be understood as the agency of apocalypse. In The Golden Bough, the branch of an oak, which to be plucked by the man being its priest, is the philosopher’s stone.

Echoing The Course of Empire by Thomas Cole, a series of paintings that reflect pastoralism of civilization, the medium of human ruling over nature and ending their civilization is their tools and weapons. Referencing the painting, a drawing with panorama scenes is conducted to discuss the alternative phases of land changing. The indispensable medium of this apocalyptic process is gold. It manipulates the shifts with different compositions, from a statue breaking out from the mountain that represent religion to the material of a giant virtual network reflecting the present information society. I want to explore the reincarnation of land by humankind, as well as the metamorphosis of anthropomorphism to anthro-pastoralism.

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