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The Journey of Eldorado by tiffanyattali
October 26, 2015, 11:36 am
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Apocalypse(in Latin apocalypsis meaning “revelation” ; in Greek apo, away, off, separate and calypsis, covering, hiding, or veiling) is the specific milestone between two states, two eras. It is the moment where the face of a coming future is revealed to the population.

Through the myth of Eldorado, the idea of deliverance can be understood as an unreachable state that is leading a quest. It is a fight for the promise of a better future, for both the individual and a collectivity.

Despite the fact that Eldorado is an imaginary place, seekers had been trying to find evidences in the many descriptions corresponding with the real environment. Seduced by man’s own greed, the quest pushed them over the edge of the known world, eventually leading to their demise. The first step of seekers on the Land marked the beginning of the erosion process that swept away the culture of previous empires.

Historical facts entwined with the mythology to create a colonial vision of an entire culture. Uncertainties allowed the numerous rebirth and variations of the myth through time. It got projected around the world and periodically re-emerged to motivate people on a journey to explore the unknown.

But the European interpretation of the myth relies on a misunderstanding. While Eldorado’s narrative referees to a culture and an attitude toward land resources, the seekers only sees the personal and national enrichment that they could get through them. He appropriated the land and its treasures, divided it for ownership purpose and exploited its resources until the point of depletion, leading to its own apocalypse.

Are we getting to this point of no return ? Humans have shown an incredible ability to manufacture their landscape and have intruded in all the natural cycles of the planet. Are we already entering the Antropocene Era ?

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