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November 6, 2015, 1:15 pm
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The land overlay with the machine

(Land can be valued depending on the eye of the beholder. In many historical situations, a piece of land could become the source of many conflicts. Each party involved may have their own preconceive notion about the value of the land, but only the winner determines the value in the end after the apocalypse. Apocalypse is a process in the present before it unveils the revelation, in this case is the conflict towards the land. I am interested in that transitionary period which forces the happening or changes in our landscape as the action of apocalypse takes it course. I am also interested in the imaginary view of different parties towards a piece of land, and how it could be a portray or built in our physical landscape. I chose deliverance myth because it has 2 important factors that relates to the apocalypse in my definition which is the unveiling period on the value of the land. This is signifies with the struggle (conflict) and the hope in which both are emotions that come from conflict and war.)

The second part of my drawing is creating a negotiation land for the three countries in conflict. the land is circular and created with the element of offensive, defensive, and negotiation. Within the land there is 4 areas that is followed. First is good inspection, then the market for trade, then the dwellings, and lastly the negotiation space. The land itself only invites 2 parties at a time while the third is faced with barricade of defence and offence to deter them away. The idea is that negotiation will not reach a conclusion if more than 2 parties involved. The land itself rotates with mechanism that uses the sea water current. Leaving its course of rotation unpredictable, as such negotiation may be an unpredictable result from the land. Moreover, it has a emergency mechanism to keep it rotating when the sea current remain stagnant. The land material is made up from the material to make my first 3 drawings.

Metal gear referenceImage credit: METAL GEAR SOLID, KONAMI

The land diagram1Conflicted three landsLAND DIAGRAM 2

arduino inspiration6 arduino inspiration5 Arduino inspiration4 Arduino inspiration3 arduino inspiration2 Arduino inspiration1

For the arduino, I am not sure for the moment of what I want or can do. However I have an idea of connecting it with the idea of the mechanism of the land as well as the land within transitionary period that has an element of change. (either based on human views, nature and environment, etc)

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