AA Inter 3

by jouyuhuang
November 6, 2015, 1:26 pm
Filed under: 2015-16, Nelly

In the Pangu land, the landscape changes once several years. When people think they conquered the nature, nature gets back to them. To me, the land was an extreme environment with hostile nature and challenging the inhabitants while city is a module / organisation of civilisation, trying to adapt into land and sustain themselves with it. Thus the lands then receives the direct impact of the negotiation between nature and manmade.

This drawing shows one of the phases when I was looking at components of the city.
At that time, my idea is that a city is defined by activities and event and I categorised them into five parts – living, necessities, entertainment, transport, education and work (but not anymore). Then these five categories got separate into three parts of the city – public, private and transportation (connection in between).

In the drawing, buildings are arranged according to how much lights each activity needs (Public areas the most, private areas less, connection doesn’t matter.) Thus, in the drawing I wanted to show how each area adapts into the land and strategies they might take to improve their location.  Such as digging holes to let more sun shine through, extending the base to get more lights, or embed under the ground to hide from lights. Also how some of the areas of the city is still developing while some parts are polished.

city components--

logic of citycity analysis


Later on one possible direction I thought of taking the project forward is to bring in technology since energy is one of the main constrain in the land. I think it might be interesting to speculate how technology would effect the relationship between inhabitants and the land, and the way that they develop the city. This is just a vague idea.




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