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Island of Hope by mikolajkarczewski
November 6, 2015, 1:19 pm
Filed under: 2015-16

61115 Final Drawing

(The drawing was photographed, as the Promarker effects did not look well on scans)

The drawing is presenting the refugee island consisting of ships on water. It is being constantly created and enlarged due to land-pollution level, covering majority of land areas in toxic dust. The island is the shelter from the disaster – it is constantly moving away from lands, in search for safe area to settle down for inhabitants. The structure consists of ships of different size, acting together as a large, synchronised mechanism. It is quickly expanding, as new ships are constantly joining, and new temporary houses are being delivered.

The system is constructed in a certain way, providing safety and relative order onboard the island. The whole structure has circular shape, which is easy to expand. Bigger ships are docked on the borders, being the protection from bigger waves. These are also private platforms for houses of inhabitants. Smaller ships are entering through gaps between big tankers, and finding their spot inside the circle – the public area. All parts of the structure are elastically connected, becoming coherent and more stable.

There are two types of ships visiting the island – either the ones bringing new inhabitants and their homes, or fishing boats bringing food. Fishing boats are going directly to the centre to the public market place, where the food is being unloaded. Boats with new inhabitants are staying on the internal circle between surrounding big ships, and central ships, from where the crane-ship is placing new homes on big ships. Inhabitants do not have constant access to the public centre with food market. On each ship people have designated time, during which they can go to the centre and get their supply. The whole movement is controlled by army military ships, which are providing access to the centre for inhabitants during their turn.

For the Arduino part I would like to create the system improving the movement of ships inside the circle – both the ones bringing food delivery and the passenger ones.

To do this, I would like to install traffic light synchronised with each other, providing more efficient movement. To increase safety, I would also like to increase ‘gates’, making the circle interior less accessible by unknown guests. The whole mechanism would be working with movement sensors, adjusting its mode to the intensity of traffic.

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