AA Inter 3

The Depletion of Eldorado by tiffanyattali
November 6, 2015, 12:18 pm
Filed under: 2015-16


The myth of Eldorado had lead many of the exploration of the New World : the American continent. While Eldorado’s narrative referees to a culture and an attitude toward land resources, the seeker only sees the personal and national enrichment that he could get through them. He appropriated the land and its treasures, divided it for ownership purpose and exploited its resources until the point of depletion, leading to its own apocalypse.

The top part of the drawing describes through a data landscape how the quest shaped the continent where the bottom part gives a more narrative vision of the evolution of this landscape. From the discovery of a virgin land, to the increasing man’s domestication of the landscape.


For the Arduino phase, I would like to create a kind of biological drawing machine. I would need to find an organic substance that reacts to certain stimulation (maybe light or water). Some interactive parameters would generate a unique G-code that gets printed in the substance. The stimulating head would reveal shapes and pattern as a torch lamp would highlight some part of a drawing, creating each time a unique way of reading the story embedded in the substance. It would represent individual journey in the quest for resources.

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