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Arduino by mariabessarabova
November 11, 2015, 5:51 pm
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For the future development I would like to focus on the environment which was presented in the previous iteration. The sphere  structure is affected by the temperature and the amount of light. It has to protect the inside life from the intense sun, from the heat and allow winds to come through. The sphere is going to be created out of a single element which will create the pattern. This “flower” pattern will be able to expand and to shrink.


This one is not based on the arduino itself, instead it uses a special material. But what I want to achieve is the reacting interacting installation. There will be 2 kinds of sensors ( temp sensor and light sensor) and 3 different reactions.

Possibilities :

Light – Hot – Shut ( to protect from the sun and heat)

Light – Cold – Half open ( to let the wind in but protect from intense sun radiation)

Dark – Hot – Half open ( to prevent the heat from getting inside, but to have the ventilation)

Dark – Cold – Fully open

The metal wire structure will be the foundation. On top it will be covered with the flower elements. By attaching to each flower a thread and having the motor in the centre, the flowers will be pulled inside thus shrinking, or making an opening. The sensors will be spread around in-between the elements.

sketch explanation

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Hi Maria, thanks for posting. I would suggest starting with one of those to figure out the mechanism and reactions of the open/semi-open/closed mode. Then the ‘module’ could become much thicker / much more broken down into parts, you don’t need to take the exact same geometry from the drawing, the idea could be explored more abstract, meaning it doesn’t need to be a sphere in the end. You may find Sven Teder’s blog inspiring and useful, he was Ricardo’s diploma student in Lund, Sweden, have a look: https://sventeder.wordpress.com/
And Kira’s prototype in Inter 3 two years ago dealt with temperature sensors, she also explored ways of living under extreme conditions such as heat – things were melting in her model and when the temperature reached a certain level the heat source (a lamp) moved to another point. So you could take heat / sun / light also as a benefit, what could it do for you (shape things? Create new materials? Etc) instead of just shutting / blocking / protecting against it. But start simple and build a first prototype of one component (can be rough and only working manually) and then things will get more layered. Good luck!

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