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Arduino idea diagrams by ignatioputra
November 11, 2015, 11:33 pm
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The main idea is negotiating space (possibly in between 4 opposing forces) so the idea is like a game in which uses this structure in the middle as a measure of this conflict and negotiation. The structure is built with fabric attach to different pistons that holds the form together. This piston is connected to servo and load sensor. The idea is like this: Load sensor will detect opposing forces weight, and using the weight difference, the loser will lose space (let say the difference was 20 kg, and this translate to 20 cm reduce of space in their area signify by the piston bringing the structure towards them, on the other hand, the one that weigh more gain 10 cm). The weight signify the power, and the reason why the increase and decrease of space in both sides noth equal is because in prolong conflict, it is never beneficial for the land in my opinion in the long run. Then when 3 forces has lose the game and one winner appear (which is only happen when the structure reaches the area of where the participants standing. This is shown with proximity sensor, which in turn create blinking light for this participant while the light on the winner will shine through the newly form space. The edges of the structure of the form is equipped with heart beat sensor, in which the loser shall activate, and this heartbeat transform the piston to make pulsating movement. Hence pulsating the form. This means the newly form space for the winner is created in the expense of the loser (life). However in the scenario where no one wins and the loses keep decreasing the space, the piston will push the fabric form and rips it when it reaches its maximal tension. Hence destroying the land and negotiation all together. (As a prolong conflict would lead to an irreversible damage to the land)
For now this is my idea.
Sorry for the bad quality scan, I will trace them with pen after this.

Arduino diagram 1 Arduino diagram 2Arduino diagram 3  Arduino diagram 4

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Hi Ignatio, great, do you think you could build the structure in a smaller scale for Saturday? As a rough working model, can be manually operated.
The changing space would have a bigger impact when experiencing from the inside, that would also make you feel that you lost/won more… But not sure how this design could be inverted. Also consider the scale of this (were you thinking to build this as an installation 1:1?), seems quite big, things to think about is material (lightweight, stretchy, translucent?) but we can discuss this on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing the development, good luck!

Comment by tutor

Hello Ricardo and Nannette. I think that is amazing to turn the design inverted! I was actually pondering about the design and the shape of enveloping the space, and that might just be the right way. I was thinking of this as a 1 to 1 so real actors can perform, but I do realise the difficulty of constructing through the material as well as the mechanism. Yesterday and today I did a rough mockup manually operated model but only with 2 opposing forces, and I also tried to figure out through drawing how the piston like system will work with gears and the DC motor or servo. So tomorrow I will try to create a small working components for the system (1 of the 4 pistons) which I will try to cut the gear system with laser cut, and afterwards I will proceed with making the prototype small scale structure of the real design as you suggested(possibly will still be manually operated)

Thank you so much

Comment by ignatioputra

Sounds good, looking forward to seeing first models, thanks for the update.

Comment by tutor

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