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Shaping and unshaping by tiffanyattali
November 11, 2015, 8:06 pm
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The four following drawings are explaining the process that I have followed to get to the final drawing : from data to datascape to landscape to land.


The Eldorado myth, that started with the Great Discoveries of the XVIth century, had been the founding myth of America and drove numerous explorations through the whole continent. Those explorations are shaping the first landscape of Eldorado.


From discovery to division and development : with the process of discovery came the colonization of the land. The second map shows the patterns of settlement through two parameters; the size of the administrative divisions and the population density.


From development to depletion : humans settlements are exponentially exploiting, extracting, consuming land resources. The third map is depicting the degree of depletion through land damage and major mines.


Those tree data landscape had been merged together in a single drawing, and developed to propose a vision of Eldorado’s landscape and journey : from discovery to development to depletion.


Arduino References :


hektor - Jürg Lehni & Uli Franke

hektor – Jürg Lehni & Uli Franke

My general intention for the prototype is to create a drawing machine. This machine would animate a living matter to translate virtual data into physical matter. The rhythm found in the analysis of Eldorado could rule the narrative of the story : discovery to development to depletion. Hot Ice could be an interesting substance to work with. It is scientifically called sodium acetate and needs to be cooked to have one one hand a solution and on the other hand crystals. When mixed together the solution crystallize, expands and the reaction releases energy. If warmed up, the crystals can get back to the liquid state

hot_ice_crystals3 icy_485

I’m thinking about automatizing the action of mixing the liquid in the powder. The idea in the diagram below is that when the mountain reach a certain condition (height, weight or color if the solution is mixed with ink), it is moved from the printing plateform and added with the other mountains to create a landscape.

test 2

Then I am not really sure of what I want, there is two idea I’m interested in :

  • Making the mountains melt, to reach the metaphor of depletion
  • Having a fluorescent fluid invading the landscape, controlled by real water height data.

I’ve tried to cook some hot ice… and it was a big failure. I did it with baking soda and vinegar but I’ll try with some already made sodium acetate. Hopefully I’ll receive it and be able to test it by Saturday.


Home made sodium acetate crystals

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Hi Tiffany, thanks for the post. Sounds wonderful! I would strongly recommend to take things step by step and also to decide on some aspects, how would you really name it, is it a scanner (discovery), a drawing machine, a 3d printer or a ‘destroyer’? Does your prototype really need to do it all? Simplify and try to figure out in parts firsts. For instance rather than creating a mountain and moving it to its place, the mountain could already be created at its place and the machine or part of it (an arm?) moves to other places. Yonathan last year constructed a robot moving around with a furnace on its back that left a trace / a line of melted lead behind, and so it created a map on the floor.
Work on the device diagram more, and design its parts (would it be seen as one object or a series of devices?), test materials but also connections/platforms/arms etc and their movement, start building a first working model.
Good luck!

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