AA Inter 3

by natpradere
November 26, 2015, 1:12 am
Filed under: Natacha


The materials planned for the object is based on painted wood and metal components as to emphasize the (behind the scenes) mechanism needed to make the hidden connections work. 
I am still considering whether the system should be based on simple gray scale variations.

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Hi Natacha, thanks for posting, much better without that box at the bottom! It’s still quite neatly put together and in good order, the composition could get much stranger and bizarre (the discussion we had on Tuesday about scale and position of elements to each other), but don’t worry about this now, start making it as you have it and along the way you will find and change things (craft piece by piece together). If I understand it right, you will lasercut it? you need to see what level of detail you can achieve at this size, it seems to me that the 3d model has more detail than you can probably make…

Comment by tutor

i was just thinking, maybe not all objects are made the same way? like one could be cast while others are made of wood… just a thought, what sort of aesthetic are you after? these creatures by triptyque could maybe be an inspiration http://triptyque.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/triptyque_blue1-660×835.jpg

Comment by tutor

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