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Deliverables Crit and Beyond by tutor
November 30, 2015, 3:31 pm
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In order to prepare for the crit on the 8th and afterwards here is a short description of what is expected when:

End-of-Term Crit: 08 December 2015

– arduino prototype set up and demonstration, (do not rely fully on its function, otherwise the crit will be just about making it work and you may loose the actual meaning, have a conversation about it and the themes that motivate you)

– draft video(s) to show it working, including pre-tests and iterations if and as necessary to understand the set-up and aim

– also present the previous drawing exercise and explain the connection to current work

– min 2x A2’s explaining your overall concept of apocalypse (fertility/deliverance myth) so far (can be from previous phase)

– at least 4x A2’s (with a proper layout using InDesign for example) explaining what is arduino, and the components you used, name and explain what they are how you have used them and inspiration explanations

– 1-2x A2’s explaining development of prototype (iterations) with photos and diagrams

– min 2x A2’s with good photos of final prototype (with proper backgrounds)

Upload 18 December 2015

– Upload final video on blog by noon.

Hand-In January 2016

– Hand-in Book of Lands

The book of Lands is a research focus document that compile your first term work in a hierarchical way. It should have a content page, and should reflect how you are investigating the concept of apocalypse/deliverance/fertility in the first term. The idea to have the Book of Lands done in the break is that you can focus on content, think but also its craft. A few notes:

– Cover

-Title (relate to your research of course)

– 800 words introduction

– All references should be properly written,

– Bibliography

– Size: any size, but no smaller than A4 in any dimension.

-Avoid heavy binding as we will mark it and you will have to readdress it.

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