AA Inter 3

Caduceus by ignatioputra
December 16, 2015, 11:32 pm
Filed under: 2015-16, Ignatio

password: intermediate3

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This Is Wow

Comment by Luca

well, just realised how miserable is my position now. Beautiful piece !

Comment by Mikołaj

Good piece, but a few comments:
– WOuld the voice be substituted?
– At the moment is missing a intro text paragraph maybe fade in and out telling of what we gonna be looking at? Otherwise the whole experience is just aesthetic and the thematic aspect is not present, because is hard to understand what is actually happening. Would the voice do that?
– So frames change quite often, and faded out maybe too soon, around 40 seconds when you describe the elements but it goes too fast, same around 55 sec, PAce it better.
Good luck!

Comment by tutor

Hello Ricardo and Nannette. I am thinking of using this voice. For the beginning I am planning to use text as intro but without voice, because i feel suddenly jumping into voice might be too sudden.

Thank you for the comment

Comment by ignatioputra

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