AA Inter 3

by tiffanyattali
December 17, 2015, 11:30 am
Filed under: 2015-16

Dear Ricardo and Nannette,

First of all, sorry for the delay it was pretty long to export and upload. Here is the draft of my video (low quality).

What still needs to be worked/improved:

  • the sound : “clean” it and ad much more layers of industrial noises with a tribal composition
  • retake the twitter sequence / target better and stop on a shocking image
  • transition machine presentation / text
  • better control over the glitching when the mountain is built. Maybe this part is slightly too long and should give more time to the next one. start drawing the topography lines, use them as transition
  • presentation of the final outputs : this is a first test, need to find a nice movement/opacity sequence. add much more tweet texte.


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Yes agree with all the points.
The sequences feel too fast and rushed. Have a little ok at Nathan or actually Assaf animation last year. It really helps to slow down and maybe have less changes in scene.
Also look at Assaf’s one for how you can add layers of information on the final part with lines, data, etc.
Do not forget an intro page slow showing the project name and yours, unit or/and at the end.
Good luck!

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