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Caterina Miralles, Imaginary projections by caterinamiralles
December 17, 2015, 8:57 am
Filed under: 2015-16

Hi Ricardo and Nanette,

Here there is a fast view of how the structure of the video will be. The only thing is that yesterday night there where a few problems with the sound.

Here there is a link to it.

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Hi Caterina,

Thanks for the post, a few points to consider:
– At the moment the rotation speed of the mechanisms is very cluncky, try to make the move smoother, or delay the video…
– The zooom parts of the video are certainly more interesting at the moment, since they bring a more contained view of the model, making its overall appearance more appealing, and more mysterious.
– Generally speaking add effects on the video in order to create motion blur, lateral focus in order to create the right ambience that you want us to perceive.
– Do not forget the basic intro, and end credits
– Explore the texture of slides in a slower and more suttle.
-At the moment the canvas moving at the back is rough, maybe the move can be more suttle? Could you overlay graphics on it in order to signal a change in significance? More clues for the viewer?
-Good luck!

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