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Tutorial 01 March by tutor
February 29, 2016, 9:47 pm
Filed under: 2015-16

For Tuesday tutorial all second years to bring the current material being developed but also bring the sheets that will compose your portfolio. Many of you can use sheets of the book of lands, but adapted and printed bigger. Tomorrow we will focus on the work but have a initial discussion about the portfolio and what are you planning to produce for it.

Additionally all second years to write a text about their project and email us it by Wednesday noon. The structure of the text should include: project title/key words/description of the project/context of the project (Bangladesh/Dhaka/or global warming/apocalypse focus)/ What the project proposes and wants to achieve/questions that have not being answered yet, but are relevant. Total words: 500

The list:

10.00 Maria

10.30 Ignatio

11.00 Anna

11.30 Caterina

12.00 Zak

12.30 Nelly

13:00 Guy

14:00 If any third year would like a tutorial please text us.

from 17:00 Third Year Interim Jury

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