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Friday 04/03 Tutorial by tutor
March 3, 2016, 4:28 pm
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Please find the list for the tutorial tomorrow.

For second years bring the portfolio for review in the right order. If there are still things to print have sheets in between telling so as temporary place holders. Bring the text/revised (many of you have not even mentioned land and apocalypse in your text, please how are you answering the overall brief too?) and which models you wanna show and when you wanna show the animation. We will start with a 10 minute portfolio presentation (make sure you test/try before)  and have a chat about the design. As a preview table it is important to highlight at the end where is the project going, what you like doing, what you want to develop for the next months even though aspiration at this stage.

Third years let’s have a 5 minutes talk/debrief a about the TS first, followed by the main focus of the design development. As your table will be in 10 days the main idea is to push the design and then work on the portfolio later during mid next week.

09.30 Natacha

10.00 Caterina

10.30  Zak

11.00 Ignatio

11.30 Maria

12.00 Nelly

12.30 Anna


1:30 Guy

2.00 Tiffany

2.30 Luca

3.00 Federico

3.30 Alex

4.00 Mikolaj


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