AA Inter 3

Monday and Tuesday 07/08 Schedule by tutor
March 6, 2016, 7:33 pm
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First of all we hope all the second years are ready to present tomorrow. Please make sure you rehearse before with someone else in the room, with presentations maximum 8/9 minutes. Have the book of lands with you, to avoid any misunderstanding please explain what which part of the work is about. The sequence of presentation is up to you, preferably not chronologically, include images you took during the unit trip and talk what was interesting on the trip for you and how that helped or not you developing your current work. Please also include what is the ambition of the project and lastly the questions your project have not answered yet and you would like to address in the next phase. Good luck for tomorrow!

Third Years: We will do tutorials after tables on Monday and Tuesday. The time would be flexible and depends what time the table will actually finish, so please wait at the unit space in case we are late. Please bring latest work and what constitute your portfolio at the moment in order. Also please bring text with approximately 300/400 words including key words, title, a short description of what is the project doing, its main ambition, the problems it address in bangladesh/site/user, how it address the unit brief and lastly a few questions that are not answered yet and it will drive your works direction.

The schedule (location unit space)

Monday 07/03

5:15 Tiffany

5:45 Federico

6:15 Mikolaj

Tuesday 08/03

5:15 Luca

5:45 Alex

Natacha please post your work on the blog on Tuesday noon.


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