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3rd Years Update by tutor
April 7, 2016, 3:42 pm
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All Third Years:

We hope the Easter break has been good and productive. We will like to discuss/update project and TS developing. For the ones in London we can meet up at the office, otherwise we can do a Skype session.  But before all please post on the blog the developments (project/TS) by  Wednesday 13th noon including images, section and explanatory text.

P.S: Second years we will be posting a task for the Easter break soon, please keep an eye on the blog.


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Hi Nannette and Ricardo,
I am in London and would be up for a meeting. When is the most convenient for you ?

Comment by tiffanyattali

hi Tiffany,

Lets do it next week then. How is the progress going?

Comment by tutor

I won’t be here next week but we can go for a skype meeting as I’ll be back on the 17th. The progress is not as amazing as expected but I know where I am going. The scenario is set and the building starts slowly to take shape.

For TS I did a couple of small scale test to explore how can jute, mud and 3d printing technology/principle can merge to produce different materials that can have different application. I started a bigger scale test to project better how the materials would react at one to one scale and what kind of shapes and uses it can produce. The goal is to produce a catalogue of materials and applications using traditional method and local materials, combined with new technologies. I don’t think I will have time to build a working prototype but I will simulate the actions of the machines and design their principles.

I will then implement this in the project as construction technique and material. I will also use the principle that works only in small scale as an opportunity to create products in the workshops and generate an economy.

About the brick factories, I realized that they are progressively closing and disappearing as the urbanization is expanding. The biggest issue for the future won’t be the smoke but the earth filling operations that are going on, especially that they are building luxurious gated neighborhoods. They already started on the main zone where the factories are, killing the function of the wetland as drainage system. The goal now is to propose an elevated building typology that could be the seed for the future development of the wetlands (which are framing Dhaka’s expansion and defining its border).

I also found this project which is very inspiring. It is a 3D printer using a lens and the sun energy to solidify sand. I was thinking to use this principle as hardening process. It would also illuminate the building, making it the “Western Sun of Dhaka”


Comment by tiffanyattali

Thanks for the post Tiffany.

Happy to know that the research is evolving, just make sure that you have a rhythm of work with clear goals to achieve every few days.

What would be the core of the TS then? Do you gonna make tests, do pieces of the actual building to test your idea? Even if you do not built a prototype it would be very important to show where the pursue of excellence lies.

I can do a skype tomorrow if you like, but also will be in Paris on Wednesday/Thursday (in Lyon now), so in case you are around and want to discuss there, let me know what is best.

Comment by tutor

Hi Ricardo,

I just posted the update of the work. To answer your question, the core of my TS is to explore the properties of different process using jute, plastic and mud and how to implement digital fabrication technics with those materials. It will result in a catalogue of different process showing their qualities and their potential applications.

I am not in Paris so it won’t be possible to meet there but I think it would be good to do a Skype meeting. Just tell me when you can find a bit of time (for me morning and evening are the best).

Thank you,


Comment by tiffanyattali

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