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Second Year Tasks by tutor
April 13, 2016, 8:23 am
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Image: 3d Section drawing from Maya Laitinen, AA Inter 3.

We hope you are well and have rested, but also worked in the break so far. In order to push your project all second years will be asked to produce a couple of elements for posting on the blog, but also printing for the first day of class.

The tasks:

– To produce 01 A1 3d section drawing utilising: 3d, 2d lines and render. On next post are a few examples of 3d sectional drawings.

– Produce 01 A1 plan coloured showing the project and the context.

– Both drawings, although in separate A1’s should be able to read together. Think of it as a puzzle complementing each other with lines connections, directions, places. A good reference are the drawings from Taking Measures Across American Landscape.-

– Continue the text we worked last week of the term and submit 300 words text about the project including title.

Please make sure you:

– Look and do tutorials of digital paint online. Check Image FX magazine  for tutorials, tips and also the amazing gnomon workshop  digital/matte painting. Use the next few days to learn and apply that knowledge on the drawing. Make sure you keep the atmosphere of the project balanced.

– Select the colour code you want to use on your images. For help on that consult the website www.colourlovers.com

– Make sure you improve your C4D render, please do not spend too much time on material application, do that mainly on painting/photoshop for now.

– Select two images as reference for the type of drawing you want to produce.

The deadlines: 

Tuesday the 19th– The draft of both drawings and text should be posted on the blog by noon Tuesday the 19th. This draft should have a clear indication of the drawing composition, its scale, relationship with context (heights, colour, scale, proportion), correct line weight for section and plan, colour code.

Tuesday the 26th – Printed version of the final 02 A1’s and text to be presented on class.

FOR ALL STUDENTS: We are thinking to have the first class on Friday the 22nd, more on that soon. Please leave on the comments below if you would be able to attend it or not.



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Hi Ricardo and Nannette, yes I would be able to

Comment by ignatioputra

Hi, sorry I would not be able to come as I am only flying back on the 24th.

Comment by annabrylka

Hi Ricardo and Nannette, I’ll definetly be there

Comment by mariabessarabova

Ok thanks for the notes! we will post on the blog soon.

Comment by tutor

hi Ricardo and Nanette, i wont be able to come to London on friday, I am sorry, my flight was already booked for the 23 rd.

Comment by caterinamiralles

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